The Expedition

The Bigfoot token was launched moments after Nicki Minaj published her "Big Foot" song on Jan 29 and right before Joe Rogan uploaded a Bigfoot clip on 2 Feb 2024 #2097.

Bigfoot doubles down on the narrative, whilst being backed by Mega Inu's utility and team.

Join us on our quest to finally unravel the #Bigfoot mystery and embark on Pulsechain's BIGGEST expedition yet!

A Love Letter To Teddy

The tokenomics involve a complex system with multiple feedback loops designed to increase liquidity and volume within the ecosystem.

Swap Rewards are given back to Teddy and pDAI by including them in the mix, in order to potentially gain added support from the 414 wallet.

These rewards are shared through a multi-token pool on, nicknamed "The Campfire LP".

Bigfoot does not burn and does not take any Tax.