THe Campfire LP

The Campfire LP is a Multi-Token liquidity pool that involves four tokens - Bigfoot, Teddy Bear, pDAI, and the Minu/wMinu LP Token.

Bigfoot (BFX)

Designed to capitalize on the narrative, providing higher attention to the ecosystem through its ability to trend.

Teddy Bear

Another token that, along with BFX, is part of the narrative but holds the position as the most popular 414 Token yet.


pDAI is included in order to directly benefit from the volume and liquidity and align with the shared vision of the Atropa community in general,

Minu/wMinu LP

This is the actual LP token of the PulseX pair, with Minu being a native token and wMinu being a wrapped and burning version of Minu. The Minu/wMinu pair volume on PulseX is 100% based on arbitrage trades between Minu and wMinu, which is caused by its endless cycle of pegging and de-pegging.

Cross DEX Arb

The system is set up to facilitate cross-exchange arbitrage opportunities. The differences in pricing of providing liquidity and minting the Minu/wMinu LP on PulseX compared to the traded value of that LP token in the Campfire LP can be exploited for profits while burning wMinu and giving increasing volume in all pairs involved.


When Bigfoot goes up in value, the wMinu/Minu LP now gets bought up by the pool and grows along with it. It’s now possible to provide liquidity on the wMinu/Minu pair on PulseX and mint LP tokens in order to sell them for a profit in Teddy, Bigfoot, or pDAI.

This cycle can be reversed: When the wMinu/Minu LP is oversold, people can buy the LP at a discount by adding Bigfoot, Teddy, or pDAI in the Campfire LP on and can now claim their profit by withdrawing liquidity out of the wMinu/Minu pair on PulseX.

How this helps Teddy and pDAI

Every trade involving wMinu will burn 0.5%, which means the LP provides long-term buy pressure to the Campfire LP. The initial liquidity provided in the Campfire pool will be burned to make sure all swapping fee rewards stay dedicated to the ecosystem.